Orienteering is an activity that is enjoyed in many countries, and Canada especially. This site is dedicated to this form of entertainment as it is enjoyed in Canada. The site is meant to provide greater insight into orienteering and how anyone who wants to participate in can certainly do so. The content on this website will focus on what Canada has to offer those who want to participate in the different types of orienteering events that Canada is becoming very popular for. Some of the highlights of this site are:

Orienteering Destinations in Canada

Canada is a big country made up of many different provinces. Being as orienteering has grown in popularity now many of the provinces offer some great opportunities for this. The post that is here about this starts with a short explanation as to what orienteering is all about. This is good information for those who are not familiar with this activity. Additional information included in this post focuses on precautions. While there are many destinations in Canada that are great for orienteering this post focuses on Ontario and covers some of the exciting opportunities that Ottawa has to offer to the orienteering enthusiasts.

A New Experience

Here on this site, the newcomer to orienteering has been kept in mind. There is a great post that is meant for those that are new to this form of entertainment. It offers some great tips for getting started. It also touches upon the subject of the future of orienteering as well as making use of some of the great resources that are available to help learn more about orienteering. There is a learning process to orienteering, and this will vary according to the form of orienteering that is being done. The information in this post will explain this further.

Racing and Orienteering

There are so many components to orienteering that are exciting. Just being able to successfully finish a course is one of them. Then being able to master the skills needed for navigation is another. To really step up the excitement, a notch is the orienteering racing component. Having to complete a course while racing against the clock takes orienteering to a whole new level. It creates an additional challenge. The post that we have here talks about this in more detail. For many, they may start just wanting to complete a course, but before long they want the extra challenge of racing.

Orienteering Equipment

Like with most activities, there is a certain amount of equipment that will be needed. In this case, the type of orienteering that a person is participating in will dictate what equipment is needed. The post that has been provided here is a great starting point.

Additional information that is found in some of the posts is the different types of resources that can be relied on for additional help. One of the things often talked about in the content is the clubs that are so important to those who want to enjoy orienteering in Canada. Mention has been made about how most provinces in the country will be home to several clubs. Those that are visiting Canada will have no problem finding a lot of resources to help them enjoy want Canada has to offer in orienteering.


A visitor to Canada can choose almost any province they want to visit and enjoy some form of orienteering. Also, the time of year will help to create different orienteering experiences. For example. Some of the provinces like Ontario will offer some great winter orienteering experiences. Then for a completely different experience, individuals can enjoy some city orienteering like that which is offered in Toronto.