There are many different components to orienteering, and timing is often one of them. A good number of the orienteering events involve beating the clock, which puts the category of adventure racing into one of the orienteering categories.


Canada is a great country to enjoy all different forms of orienteering. It is undoubtedly not uncommon for those who are into orienteering regularly, to often get the desire to travel to other countries to enjoy this activity. When looking for new destinations internationally Chile is a popular destination but it can be expensive to travel to other countries for this purpose. Some individuals will set up a line of credit which gives them funds on hand to use for whatever they want. This money can certainly come in handy for those who want to participate in orienteering racing events.

Orienteering and Racing

These are two separate disciplines which make up the adventure racing form within the orienteering category. Not only do participants have to keep track of their time, but they also have to be able to use their map and compass efficiently. Navigating around the course dramatically affects the speed that is required. Just the pressure of knowing that one has to complete the course against the clock can cause some to become anxious, and they may not focus on their navigation as efficiently as they would if this were not a race.

The Right Environment

Not only are orientation races a lot of fun to participate in, but they also give some great opportunities for enjoying some beautiful countryside. Throughout Canada, there are many beautiful places where individuals could enjoy some orientation races. It is just a matter of when visiting one of these locations, to seek out an orienteering club that holds races. There are plenty of these clubs to be found throughout Canada.

First Steps

The first step to take when involved in an orienteering race is to become orientated on the map. This is easily done. All the participant has to do is rotate the map, so it is pointing towards the North Pole. This now means that each step taken will match the direction of the map.

At the same time, learning how to use a compass properly is something else which must be done when participating in a racing event. This should be done before entering the contest. A lot of time can be lost if one tries to familiarize themselves with the compass once the race has started.


Staying aware of land markings is another crucial aspect of orienteering racing. These can help guide the participant through the course and help them keep their bearings.

Getting Lost

One of the biggest things to avoid during an orienteering race is getting lost. This is usually the probable fault which causes one to lose the race.

Seasonal Orienteering Races

Another big factor which can affect the speed in orientation races is the weather. Some find that they are more successful at races that take place in the winter. Others prefer racing events that occur in the warmer months. Also, the mode of transportation will be a big factor. The time allotments for the races will be determined by the orienteering event. For example, cross country races may have shorter time allotments, compared to those which are going to be done on foot.