For those who are just beginning to take an interest in orienteering, they will have a lot to learn about this hobby. There are many different types of orienteering which adds to the interest and excitement of this activity.

What Is Orienteering?

Participants in an orienteering event will be expected to travel across natural settings where they have to develop skills to navigate from one point to another. These points are checkpoints. The participants have a specific period in which to complete the course. To be successful at an orienteering event, it means having to make many decisions, such as which is the best route. Or whether to run or walk.


There are different levels of orienteering courses. As with any type of activity, certain precautions have to be taken. With many of the courses being in natural settings, participants have to be observant. Orienteers have been known to be faced with some strange circumstances, and for this, along with other reasons, it is always better to have a partner when participating in orienteering events. Also, keep in mind that usually using your mobile phone is not allowed when participating in an orienteering event.

Great Orienteering in Canada

Canada has many great provinces. Each of them can offer some great orienteering experiences. Many of the regions have orienteering clubs that set up all types of events. For those who are just starting, they may want to purchase used orienteering items, rather than new ones, at first.

Orienteering in Ontario

Ontario is a great province to enjoy some orienteering in. The experience should begin by first seeking out an Ontario club or an O-Map. Several of the campuses in Ontario have been mapped out for orienteering. It is also worth checking out where the Ontario Orienteering Championships is held each year, as this will give a good indication of the type of courses champions face for this event.

Types of Orienteering Destinations

To choose great locations for orienteering in Canada, the participants first have to decide what kind of orienteering event they want to participate in. Specifically, when it comes to the way they are going to travel the courses. For example, is the choice to orienteer on foot, or with the use of skis or a bike? This is going to help dictate which Canadian territory will be best suited.

Orienteering in Ottawa

One of the favorite places for many who want to enjoy orienteering in Canada is Ottawa. This is because the change in seasons offers new experiences. Both in the type, of course, which is being followed and the method used. For example, in the winter, some of the orienteering courses can be done by skiing. In other seasons, walking or biking can be done.

Finding Clubs

The best way to enjoy orienteering in Canada is to find the clubs in the province which support this activity. They will have a full list of courses and scheduled events.

National Database

One of the great resources to use for learning more about orienteering events is the National Event Database. This is still undoubtedly a work in progress, as some of the Canadian orienteering clubs have not as yet started to use it.

There are certainly a lot of great opportunities for orienteering in Canada. Some of which are organized events, and others that people can participate in on their own.